GM Supplier Discount Program
The GM Supplier Discount Program is offered to employees of GM customers and vendors that GM has deemed vital to their overall success.  The program offers a special pricing discount that is often HUNDREDS BELOW DEALER INVOICE, and that is also a FIXED PRICE, so there is no "haggling" involved with the dealership.  We have created this web page so that YOU, an employee of Altec or Entergy, will have one easy point of access for information relating to this program.  So, let's get started!

Wait a minute - who is Fleet Sales LLC?
We are a small company that specializes in the sale of new and used two-ton trucks, primarily new Chevrolet and GMC conventionals.  We work as outside salespeople for several GM dealerships, and we began our relationship with Entergy several years ago when we began providing Entergy with their new medium duty trucks.  Our goal is for our pricing, delivery times, order accuracy, and customer service to be second to none.  And so far, we feel we have met those goals in our relationships with both Altec and Entergy.

This year, both Altec and Entergy have approached us regarding setting up a special vehicle purchase program for their employees.  Fortunately, General Motors already had such a program in place for Altec, and we were able to get Entergy qualified for the program as well.  Now we want to provide some tools to help you take advantage of the program, the most important of which is the web page that you are now viewing.  We have tried to cover all aspects of the program and beyond, including financing, taking delivery, trade-ins, etc.  So, read on!

What are the basic rules and regulations that are involved with this program?
Fortunately, the GM web site for this program is fantastic.  The rules and regulations are spelled out quite clearly, and the site is arranged in a simple and easy to understand layout.  Follow the link below to go directly to the GM Supplier Discount web site, and make sure you check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" section.

Okay, I understand the program.  Now how do I decide on a vehicle?
Perhaps the best single site for spec'ing out a GM vehicle is "," which you can also access from the GM Supplier Discount web site referenced above.  However, you can go directly to the GMBuypower web site by clicking here.  Additionally, you can also visit the divisional web sites for more detailed information on your chosen model.  Here are the links to the divisional web sites:
Buick     Cadillac     Chevrolet     GMC     Oldsmobile     Pontiac     Saab     Saturn

I have chosen the model that I want to purchase.  Now what do I do?
Dealer participation in the program is optional, but ALL of the dealers that we work for WILL honor this program to Altec and Entergy employees.  Many dealers will not honor the program because of low profit margins and because some of the vehicles are hard to come by.  This is not a problem with our dealers.  By the way, this program is good on stock units and on ordered units, so you can also contact us to see if we have the model you are looking for "on the ground."

Wait a minute - your dealership is far away from me, so how can I order from you?
We work for dealerships located in Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas, and by having 30 years of experience we have contacts at dealerships in other places, as well.  On ordered units, you can pick up the unit when it arrives at our dealership, or we can have a local dealer perform a courtesy delivery on our behalf for a small fee.  On stock units, we have professional drivers and transport companies that can deliver stock units from our dealership right to you, in case you cannot pickup the unit at our dealership.

What financing options are available to me under this program?
In general, you can use any financing source that you choose to purchase the vehicle, but if you want to lease it, you MUST use GMAC.  Our dealerships can also help you with your financing needs if you do not have a preferred lender.

I have a vehicle to trade - what should I do with it?
If you purchase through one of our dealerships, we will give you a wholesale, cash bid on your trade-in.  However, you are far better off if you can sell the unit yourself.  In addition to a wholesale bid from our dealers, there are also several web sites that you can access to help you value your car and even list it for sale online.  One site that we recommend for valuation is Kelly Blue Book, which can give you both a "Trade" estimate as well as a retail value.  And perhaps that most utilized source for selling your car online is Auto Trader.

What advantages can Fleet Sales LLC offer me in conjunction with this program?
Our staff has years of experience selling GM products, and we can put that experience to work for you.  We are knowledgeable about GM's product lines, and we also know who to call at GM if we run into any issues that cannot be resolved at the dealership level.  Additionally, our dealers have around a thousand cars and pickups in stock that are eligible for this program, and we can let you know if we have the unit that you want in stock.  Finally, we also stay current on GM incentive programs and financing terms, so we can advise you as necessary.  Most importantly, we apply the Golden Rule to our business transactions, so your purchase will be handled ethically and professionally.

We hope that this web page will be an excellent, one-stop resource to help you make your purchase decision.  However, if you have any questions regarding this program or this web page, please contact us by e-mail.  On behalf of Fleet Sales LLC and our dealers, we want to thank Altec and Entergy for their business, and we hope this program will be a valuable tool for you.